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Which are the most frequent cyber attacks in the companies?

Is real that cyber attacks are increasing fast, that’s why, innovating in security is a digital need, some of the most common cyber attacks are:


Deception attempts through emails or text messages with the aim of obtaining confidential information or accessing user accounts.


Attacks that block access to a system or important data and demand a ransom to unlock it.


They are malicious programs that are downloaded to a system without the user’s knowledge and can damage or steal information.

Brute force:

These are attempts to access a system by trying different passwords until the correct one is found.

Social engineer:

These are attempts to manipulate a person into revealing confidential information or taking unauthorized actions.

These types of threats can not only put your company at risk, users also, so it is important to adopt cyber security measures to protect your company from these types of attacks and minimize risk.

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