IT Talent

The most valuable asset! above processes, methodologies and tools: People.

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IT Talent

We carry out the entire process of evaluation, selection, hiring and payroll of the staff as required by the client, complying with the profile and competencies indicated. The technical training of the professional is carried out by the client.

The success of your company is based on excellent human capital, which brings together the competences and skills to achieve optimum performance in daily work. The It-Talent service is aimed at providing high-performance technical IT personnel, streamlining and optimizing the process of searching and hiring professional personnel under the following model:

We match the professional with the profile requested

We have an extensive database of IT professionals ready to start immediately.


Staff management, support tools, training on business topics and specialized technologies.

We provide an integrated service

Our hiring process includes technical and psychological exams, hiring and payroll management.


The service is invoiced monthly.


  • We have specialized platforms for the recruitment and selection of candidates, both in Colombia and in other countries in the region.
  • We can accommodate your requirements during production peaks or special projects.
  • Reduction of time in selection and hiring processes, allowing your company to focus on its core activity.
  • Decrease in personnel management and related costs.

Added Values

  • Training of personal, soft-skills: we provide continuous training on how to resolve conflicts, effective communication, teamwork, among others.
  • Wellness activities throughout the year for everyone.
  • Monthly follow-up by the Project Manager to ensure the level of service and as an effective communication channel with the client.
  • Support from our research and development team
  • Invitation to participate in our seminars: every three months we offer specialized face-to-face and webex conferences on different IT topics.