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Optimization and automation of business processes with RPA.

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Business process analysis

We analyze your manual and repetitive processes, looking for bottlenecks and inefficiencies, proposing improvements to increase productivity and reliability through RPA robots, prioritizing them in an automation backlog.

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Design, integration and testing

Our experts perform the design and automation of the robots defined in your automation backlog.

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Robotized Process

We obtain RPA robots that execute business processes automatically, thanks to attended, unattended, and orchestrator robots.

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SPA (Smart Process Automation):

By adding Machine Learning capabilities, we enable robots to learn from the decisions that a human would make and become processes increasingly intelligent.

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With RPA you automate tasks such as

• Filing of forms.
• Cross-checking and/or consolidation of information.
• Creation, updating, deleting and search of records.
• Generation of reports with calculations and validations.
• Convert unstructured information into structured information.
• Transaction monitoring.

Benefits of RPA-SPA

Risk reduction


Operational continuity


Efficiency and productivity


Greater regulatory compliance


Fast return on investment (ROI)


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