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Staff Augmentation

We connect you with world-class, English-proficient, full-time, remote software engineers in U.S. time zones.

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We find the talent you need

Highly qualified staff with the skills and competencies you require. We have an extensive database of IT professionals.


We update the analysts assigned to your account in technical skills, soft skills and processes of your business.

We take care of everything

We monitor the fulfillment of the project, management collaborators’ news, follow-up meetings, relationship, technical and soft skills improvement plan.

Specialized IT profiles:

  • Front, Back & FullStack Developers
  • QA functional analysts
  • QA automation
  • Performance automation
  • RPA automation
  • Database administrators

Same time zone of United States and Canada EST.

Reducir con tiempo

Cover needs during production peaks or special projects.


Reduction of time in selection and hiring processes.


Reduced operating costs in personnel management.


Research and development (R&D) team support.