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ML/TF Protocol

What is the ML/TF Risk Verification Protocol?

It is a mechanism applied by Q-Vision Technologies through its application allows to prevent and manage the risk of ML/FT (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing).

For the application of the ML/TF protocol to partners and suppliers, Q-Vision Technologies will request from your company legal incorporation documents in your country and the documents of the legal representatives.

El proceso es el siguiente: 

  • Objective of the protocol: Analyze, identify, evaluate, prevent and manage the different risks derived from criminal actions related to Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism ML/FT that may affect the company, our customers, allies and suppliers.
  • ML/TF Risk Verification Protocol application in Q-Vision Technologies:


Grafico 1

The data is obtained from both the natural person and/or legal person with whom the commercial relationship was conducted.

Grafico 2

Perform the verification according to the data obtained from the OFAC website, storing the respective evidence..

Grafico 3

If any type of report is detected in OFAC, Q-Vision Technologies refrains from continuing with the negotiation with the entity or person